Taking family photos has always been an unbeatable opportunity to obtain very natural images that reflect the relationships between parents and children full of love and happiness. Every family is unique and I adapt to the tastes of each of them since the purpose is to achieve an outstanding and unrepeatable family photoshoot in Barcelona. The goal of a family photos is always to reflect the relationship between children and parents in a natural way. Portraits that I create of each member of the family show them as who they are, reflect their personalities. One of the best places for a family photo session is outdoors where our behavior is as natural as possible. Each family's photo session is like a game where the goal is to have fun. I also like to photograph at home where you can get the feeling of the family atmosphere and domestic comfort. A family photoshoot at home in Barcelona has started becoming the trend in recent years, it's also known as a Lifestyle photography. Family photo session at home is a great opportunity to capture your day to day life, your habits and happy and endearing moments and preserve it to cherish them forever. As an example they could be the family having breakfast, painting a picture together or waging a pillow fight. I leave you a series of ideas for a family photoshoot below.

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Family photoshoot at HOME in Barcelona

I am a photographer in Barcelona, and my passion is to capture moments of family happiness in a family family photoshoot at home.

Family photoshoot on the STREETS OF BARCELONA

One of the most beautiful family photo sessions is the photoshoot on the streets of Barcelona. Capture the most beautiful moments of your life!

FUN photoshoot in Barcelona

Conduct a professional family photo session in Barcelona or create a photo report of a family event.

Family photo SESSION Barcelona

A family photoshoot in Barcelona to create unique pictures and memories of a lifetime. This is an unforgettable experience!

Family photoshoot in BARCELONA

Photo session for a family in Barcelona is a perfect and very exclusive gift! I am a professional photographer in Barcelona and I have a very original and unique style of photography.

OUTDOOR family photo shoot

Open air family photoshoot in Barcelona is one of my favorite photo sessions - the result is always exceptional and very natural!

Family photos on the BEACH of Barcelona

A FAMILY photo shoot on the beach of Barcelona is one of the most beautiful photo shoots for PARENTS and CHILDREN. Treat yourself to a dream photo session in Barcelona.


To create an original photo shoot and get a very natural result, I do a family photo shoot at their house, over a BREAKFAST or LUNCH.

Family photos having a PILLOW FIGHT

My main goal is to capture the emotions brought by the most unforgettable moments, for example, a photo shoot of a family pillow fight in Barcelona.