One of the types of photography that I enjoy to do the most is a portrait photography, where you can show every detail, every mark, every mole that makes that person unique and special, different from any other. Through a portrait photography in Barcelona, I manage to reflect the sensations and feelings that surround that person at that precise moment. In every portrait, I don't only show a simple capture of the face, I also make sure to capture every single detail of the gaze. I seek to make the most of the light and the surroundings, so that the person becomes the part of the environment. In each portrait, the person is the protagonist of a special story. The people who see it come to feel all the previous process of setting the stage, adjusting the lighting conditions, the quality of the photographic tools and of course the post-editing, all that work together is what is making a portrait photography a real art.

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PORTRAIT photography in Barcelona

Creating a PORTRAIT photo session in Barcelona is the best opportunity to capture even the smallest detail in a photograph.

ARTISTIC portrait photoshoot

An artistic portrait is an ideal option to capture a facial expression and the emotion that someone esperiences at that exact moment.

CREATIVE photo portraits

There are a thousand ways to make a creative portrait, it is not just posing in front of the camera, it is creating a story within the portrait.

Professional People's Portraits Photographer

Thanks to my many years of experience in the world of photography, I can capture and display the most beneficial image of a person in every picture.

FAMILY and children portraits in Barcelona

Taking a family portrait in Barcelona is a perfect way to capture the unity and joy of each family in jus one single image.

CHILDREN'S portraits in Barcelona

An unforgettable memory for every parent is to have their child's portrait, which can make anyone smile just by looking at it.


To convey elegance, respect and seriousness, there is nothing better than a corporate photo session, highlighting the professionalism and elegance of a business.

ORIGINAL photographic portraits in Barcelona

One of my specialties is creating original open minded portraits, playing with lights, facial expressions, the environment, etc. I can create a truly unique portrait.

Portrait photographer for SOCIAL NETWORKS in Barcelona

Everyone likes to show off their best features on the social networks, and an original portrait for the social networks is one of the things that I do best.