One of the types of photography that I am passionate about is fashion and product photography. Since it is a highly demanded specialty to create a fashion photoshoot in Barcelona you have to take into account many details . You have to know how to highlight the product depending on the type of advertising campaign, therefore, here we do it very naturally, professionally and with enthusiasm. We always know what, how and where to highlight the features. We make an effort to create fashion and product photographs as close and similar to reality. Our photography aims to blend art, magic, naturalness with the fashion. Each photoshoot with us will be unique, we can do the shooting in a studio in Barcelona, outdoors in the field, on the beach, with more than one model. Our goal is to create photos that will not resemble any that has been taken before, that will mark a before and after in each person. We work for magazines, brands and advertising campaigns always taking into account the small details to be able to reach the client.

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FASHION photographer in Barcelona

A fashion photoshoot should be a mix between mastery of the camera and the originality of the photographer, and I have both.

Professional FASHION photographer in Barcelona

Doing a fashion photoshoot in Barcelona is the ideal way to showcase the talent and originality of the model, it marks a before and after in their career.

HEAD SHOTS photoshoot in Barcelona

A professional portfolio is an ideal way to showcase what you are capable of, how you are and what you have to offer to the industry, and I can help you with that.

Photographer for EVENTS in Barcelona

I have a lot of experience working with large groups of people at the same time, in very varied settings, and making photo sessions of important events in Barcelona is my specialty.

Professional FASHION photography

If you are looking for a professional photographer in Barcelona to get a photo session, I am sure that with all my years of experience I will be able to satisfy the needs of even the pickiest client.


If you need a professional photo session in Barcelona, I am your ideal photographer, capable of meeting the most demanding expectations.

Photographic STUDIO in Barcelona

If you need a photography session in a professional studio in Barcelona, I can offer you one to set up the perfect studio photoshoot just for you.

Fashion and ADVERTISING photographer

Whether it is for a fashion magazine, a catalog, or photos of accessories or products, I can create truly great photographs that will sell practically any product in Barcelona.

Photoshoot for MODELS

When conducting a photoshoot for models in Barcelona, I try to express the individuality of each model, to emphasize the uniqueness of each feature of her face and the ideal of her posture with the utmost professionalism.